Landmarks that you can visit in Krusevo

  • Monastery of St. Vasilije

    Monastery of St. Vasilije - The monastery of St.Vasilije is settled 8 km away from Krusevo, near the Monastery of St. Spas on the one side and the old village Trstenik on the other side. Getting near to the monastery you will enjoy in the untouched beauty of the deep forest that surrounds. Its construction began in 1995 on the basis of the former church.

  • Tose Proeski Memorial House

    The Memorial House of Macedonia's late pop star Tose Proeski is located above Krusevo in Gumenje area, near the famous symbol od Krusevo - the Makedonium monument. Important to mention is that, the Tose Proeski Memorial House has won the first place at the global architecture event and features the world's biggest architectural contest – The World Architectural Festival Awards. The Tose Proseki Memorial House was opened on 25 April 2011. It is located in Krusevo on an area of 870 square meters. The concrete and glass facility is built in a form of cross.

  • Makedonium - Ilinden memorial

    The Makedonium is a symbol of the town, built on the highest area in the town called Gumenje. It's a monument of the Macedonian statehood and a memorial of the Ilinden rebellion. The Makedonium is a symbols that represents a synonym for Krusevo.

  • Meckin Kamen monument

    Just a few kilometres from Krusevo, hidden in the thick forest, you will find "the rebel with the rock". He will take you back to 1903 when in this place the rebel unit led by Pitu Guli, remaining true to the vow of “Freedom or Death,” embraced each other over that stone and sacrificed themselves for their people and national freedom. “Even when the flying conditions are not very good, people fly,” say the paragliders who are frequent visitors to Meckin Kamen. Meteorological conditions and the landscape are ideal for this sport. And the thick forest surroundings make for a great place in which to cool down on the hot summer days.

  • Museum of National Liberation war

    The Liberation War Museum is located near the Ilinden monument plateau in the area known as Gumenje. Opened in 1989, it houses exhibits that recall the National Liberation War of 1941 to 1945. Starting with the revolutionary traditions during the Ilinden Uprising and the Krusevo Republic, in the Museum one can follow through a number of photos the revolutionary path taken during the war by the Krusevo partisan brigade known as “Pitu Guli”, and one can also examine numerous exhibits (original objects and weapons belonging to the partisans in this brigade) which lend authenticity to this period. The museum is dominated by the "Mural" fresco (a wall mural on the front wall) which depicts the war, painted by the great master of colour Borko Lazeski.