Landmarks that you can visit in Krusevo

  • Krusevo Foundry Museum

    The museum exists after it has been re-opened since 2003. This is the place whrere the weapon and munition was made for the uprisers. Inside are the part of the tools what they use and some weapons.

  • Krusevo Lake

    Ideal place for rest and recreation, brings peace to your soul in each season, especially in summer. You can use it for running or cycling on the new track around, swimming and sunbathing during hot summer days, recreational fishing and of course, the lake is the top destination for Sunday picnics.

  • Gumenje

    Gumenje in the past was a real floor where Krushevo’s residents work. Today is known as a place for recreation and games, especially loved by the younger one but and adults too. In its vicinity you will find The old "korzo" - which in the past was mainly place for socializing and walking, the Monument of Nikola Karev, Monument Ilinden, Liberation War Museum and Memorial house of Tose Proeski and his grave.

  • Stanic

    Stanic is known as top destination for winter sports and the terrain is suitable especially for recreational skiing and luge. But Stanic is attractive place to visit in all seasons because it offers pleasant walks in nature and beautiful mountain views in all directions: to Pelagonija, Pelister, Galicica, the top Solunska Glava. There is also restaurant here where you can drink coffee on the fresh mountain air.

  • Museum of Ilinden rebellion and Krusevo republic

    The museum was founded on 2nd August 1953 on the 50th anneversery of the Ilinden uprising and Krusevo Republic in the ajusted house of the Tomalevski brothers, where the Krusevo Republic was proclaimed in 1903. There have been exibited the most important documents from the foundation of the town and its rebelious spirit, the preparation and the course of the uprising againstthe Turkish empire. Original photographs have been exibited of the temporary Government - the Council of the Republic and the uprising groups, maps, objects used by Nikola Karev, Pitu Guli, texts, the Krusevo Manifesto, the reaction to the Ilinden uprising and the Krusevo Republic in the foreign media, the ciferblat from the church of St.Nikola which had been set on fire when the uprising was put down. You can find data about the enormous human and material damages which had been done to the town by the Turkish army and bandits.the Turkish empire.