Landmarks that you can visit in Krusevo

  • Saint Nikola church

    Saint Nikola church is built in 1905 on the site of an earlier church that was burned after the Ilinden uprising. Saint Nikola church is the cathedral in the town and it is situated in the old bazaar in the central part of this small town. It is a typical orthodox church, probably open on Sundays for service. The iconscreen of the earlier church, that suffered in the fire, was made by the famous woodcarver Petre Filipovski-Garkata.

  • Saint Jovan church

    Saint Jovan church was built in 1897. The iconscreen was made by Nestor and Lazar Aleksievski. Inside also notice the two large stoves typical for Krusevo houses.

  • Saint Bogorodica church

    Saint Bogorodica church is built in 1867 in so-called Miak - neighborhood. Inside, in the church dominates a monumental iconostasis made in the 19th century. The icons are from the same period too. Church abounds with beautiful frescoes, and the one above the frontal door dates from the 1870.

  • Monastery of St. Preobrazenie

    Monastery of St. Preobrazenie - 8km northwest of the town, in the beautiful and pleasing landscape of Busheva Mountain, the building of the Monastery St. Preobrazenie started back in 1984 over the foundations of the old basilica. Immediately above the monastery is the 33 meters high cross, where you will enjoy in the site of the entire Pelagonia field, same as our Tose Proeski once did.

  • Monastery of St. Spas

    Monastery of St. Spas - Downhill from Krusevo to Prilep, somewhere in halfway from the deep forest pears out the St.Spas Monastery. It is built by willing merchants from Krusevo in 1836. Situated in a beautiful forest surroundings, the monastery is one of the favorite picnic places for locals and tourists.